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Helps restore the skin damaged by sunlight, pollution, stress, insufficient rest. Restore moisture to the skin with extracts from EGG SHELL MEMBRANE and many more of moisturizing extracts. De-stress you skin from the contraction of the facial muscles and facial expression all day long with ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8. Refills collagen to make the skin fuller with deep sea extracts HYDROLZYED COLLAGEN as well as tightens pores and reduces wrinkles. The skin is smooth and not sagging while being coated to prevent water loss in the skin from the surrounding conditions during your sleep. Strengthens the skin with LAMININ COMPLEX S that contains important substances like GLYCOPROTEIN, POLYPEPTIDE-1, OLIGOPEPTIDE-1, hgH and many other important extracts. Prepares your skin to deal with melanin pigmentation during the day with GenoWhite extract. With a powerful extract selection process combined with bio-technology, the results obtained from DEVONTE296 DEEP RECOVERY NIGHT CREAM are healthy, clear, and bright skin, preparing skin for a new day.

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